Innocent Suicide

The image of the heroine is called "innocence",
bright, sparkling, innocent, but vulnerable.
She is so pure and immaculate, but one day someone offended her very badly and she cut
her veins...


Embodying Desires

It was a theatrical costume, created by Svetlana Diptant. The choice of model was due to the length of the crinoline - the girl in the photo is very high, but also her natural blonde long hair perfectly suited for this medieval hairstyle.Initially, we planned more fog in the frame, but one fog generator broke, and the other warmed up for a very long time and gave too little fog.As a photographer, I tried to convey the drama of the character through light and color. So I chose directional lighting to create a dramatic mood. The metal elements of the corset symbolize sharp blades, and the red elements on the sleeves symbolize the spilled blood and I really like the way the fabric flows in motion, just like real blood.